In a world where everything moves at lightning speed, fashion does too, and it comes with its own name — fast-fashion! If you’re not too familiar with the word, here is what it means according to search engine results: fast-fashion is trends that appear just as quickly on the streets…

There is a lot in common between running a marathon and working in a team.

Ever noticed marathon runners? The pace, the agility and the slow build-up of momentum until they reach the end of the line — well, that’s a lot like working in the corporate teams of today. Strain yourself to accomplish too much in the beginning, you end up burning yourself out…

Sailakshmi Baskaran

Hi! I’m Sai. Dreamer, foodie, animal lover, book fanatic, introvert & addicted to TVseries, criminal minds. When not writing, I love playing with my pup, Megha.

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